Everything Is One

by Everafter

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Verse 1 You've got the key to my heart You've got the key to my soul Be just the way that you are Beauty I saw from the start Chorus So let me be Yours Always and all through the day For no-one else can take your place In my heart Verse 2 You knock me off of my feet You make me jump up and down It's been so long I have cared Love is undoubtedly there
Verse 1 Open out to let the magic in Waken up to let the spirit win Everything was born of that creative thought Chorus Bring the world your everlasting truth Emanate the brilliance in you Journey on to ever new horizons wide Verse 2 Subject to your mind your life proceeds Any dream can manifest indeed Re-connect to that which is everything
Luminosity 03:03
Verse 1 There's no such thing as termination of the boundless soul Transform your mind and realise your inner light is gold All life is one be as you are in the eternal now Retrieve that truth the brilliance within you must come out Chorus Remember everything and follow the lighted path There's so much love you bring creation is in your hands Verse 2 Be still and see the plenitude of who you really are Ignore all doubt and let your luminosity go far
This Faith 03:37
Verse 1 Every time I think of you it's amazing that I still find love After everything I've gone through Surely you'd have disappeared from my heart into another world Leaving me to find someone new Bridge There is nothing that I can do but accept the truth in me Our souls are so very close there's no doubt where meant to be Come around you will Verse 2 Coming back from darker times it was difficult to keep this faith But no-one can break what is true Everyone discounted me making out it was a fantasy But they don't see what I see in you Last Line But the key to me is in you
Who You Are 03:40
Verse 1: Emit your light The soul is bright The way is clear Discard your fear Chorus: Never is the moment dark and anyone can see Undertake the lighted path and set your spirit free Universal consciousness resides in everything Live with only joy and peace at heart For love is who you are Verse 2: Reject dismay Ascend today The door is here The light will steer
In Time 03:29
Verse 1: Trust the universe to bring The dreams that you’re imagining Everything will come to you in time Trust the voice within your heart Be the intrepid soul you are Out of the illusion you will climb Let your intuition speak At every circumstance you meet Ways will always show for you to find Verse 2: Listen to the truth you hold Let the mysteries unfold Never will you be without a sign Walk into the great unknown With all the confidence you own Love is always there to be your guide Verse 3: Trust the voice within your heart Be the intrepid soul you are Out of the illusion you will climb Let your intuition speak At every circumstance you meet Ways will always show for you to find Ways will always show for you to find
Verse 1: If I could trade places with him for a day I’d say the words that only he can say And I know it’s wrong to feel this way But I can’t deny what I feel everyday Chorus: (I just) Want you to show me what you show him I want you to let me in where you let him Because no-one is as lucky as his eyes Just to see what you show him inside Verse 2: I’d swap with him so I could come inside And see the beauty that within you resides And I’d be paralyzed by your size Just to see you through his eyes Bridge: I see you in my dreams every single night And I know what I feel inside isn’t right But there’s nothing I can do I can’t break through I’m head over heels in love with you End: No-one is as lucky as his eyes x4
Verse 1: Everything that exists was a thought at first Every soul was alive at creation’s birth Chorus: Waken up to the Source everything is one Re-embark on the course let the search be done Verse 2: Every life carries on through eternity Go within to the heart and you’ll find this key
Verse 1: I can’t say I’ve loved you since the first time we met But I have loved you as long as I remember Every moment with you I won’t forget I love you January to December Chorus: You are the love of my life I want you by my side (I’ll love you till I die - when repeated) You are the love of my life Please say that you’ll be mine Verse 2: I would die for you but I’d rather live I’ll love from our first kiss till I die Every sin you commit I’ll forgive I’d do anything to be by your side
Verse 1 Be resolute Stay on course Love is there Shine from that point Light the way Love repairs Verse 2 Do not mistrust What your heart Leads you to All will be fine Love's intent Will come through Canons For always Not mistrust What your heart Everything Will be fine Love's intent
Loving You 02:32
Verse 1: You are beautiful no-one can deny But you are perfect through my eyes You drive me wild every time you smile To be with you is all I desire Chorus: Cause I love you in everyway And I love you everyday And nothing can stop how I feel for you Cause I love you more and more And this love lasts forever more No nothing can stop me from loving you Verse 2: This love for you is all I need I don’t even need to breath Your love can set my spirit free Forever and always we will be Last Line: No nothing can stop me from loving you
To Shine On 02:28
Verse 1 The light is around you, it's everywhere that you go The light is within you, now spread this good that you own Chorus The valiant heart will love each and everyone The brilliant star forever lives to shine on Verse 2 There's nothing to stop you remembering the true self Awaken your spirit, the Source will carry you well


This is Everafter's debut studio album produced by legendary Black Sabbath/Thin Lizzy/Judas Priest producer Chris Tsangarides.

Released by Hummdrumm Records


released March 1, 2014

Alexis Daperis - lead vocals/guitars
Stefan Daperis - bass/backing vocals
Tim Wiltshire - drums
Chris Tsangarides - recording, mixing & mastering
Rae Henry - front cover design
Sean Quinn - back & inlay design


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Everafter London, UK

Brothers Alexis & Stefan Daperis & friend Tim Wiltshire, from London, UK, formed hard rock band Everafter in 2010. They spent the next few years gigging around the capital & crafting the set that became their first album. Album 1 was recorded in 2013 with Black Sabbath/Thin Lizzy producer Chris Tsangarides & released in 2014. Now, with new drummer Ivan Sheppard, Everafter have completed album 2. ... more

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