by Everafter

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Verse 1: You held me back and I couldn’t see You had to go ‘cause I couldn’t breathe So many times I would feel rage So much relief to escape that cage Chorus: You’ll never trap me, deeper I journey Power recovered, slave to no other Verse 2: We come across many different folk Whatever outcome there will be growth Verse 3: And now I’m on to a brand new page You made a block so I disengaged
Remember All 02:52
Verse 1: Emanate from the truth of your ancient soul Nothing is obscured To the kingdom of heaven there is no toll Ever be assured Disappear can the pain of a worried mind Love is in the now Your unlimited self is the real find Vanquish every bound Chorus: Remember all Verse 2: Fear not the illusion that death depicts Infinite you are Never mind how the hands of the clock do tick Nothing is afar
Verse 1: You were hurting in a darkened cave But you travelled not in vein Bringing kindness to one such as I Heavy metal was your light I am sorry I could not be there In the end when life was unfair But your ode will carry on today I can feel your spirit always Chorus: Stay within my heart you will Strength I will take from our memories forever True I feel your power still Death cannot steal the adventures we claimed on Earth Verse 2: You’ve departed from the physical And you’ve seen us from the spirit world Have you undertaken another life Have you re-entered on the timeline There was sadness from the loss I felt But I understand what you’d been dealt You were like an older brother to me Our connection was the real thing
Verse 1: I want to hear you scream and see you bleed Want to see you begging me on your knees I’m the nightmare weaver, the man of your dreams I want to see you bleed and hear your screams Chorus: The nightmare weaver visits you in your bed The nightmare weaver manifests in your head No-one is impervious to his evil power The nightmare weaver has foreseen your last hour Verse 2: I’m not in your closet or under your bed I live inside you, inside your head Your subconscious is my domain In your dreams is where I reign
Verse 1: There’s an anger building up inside And I have to find the reason why It won’t go away People I’ve perceived have done me wrong Surely in my mind they don’t belong This anger pervades Chorus: Only when the battle’s done Will thy inner freedom come Verse 2: With resentment trying to stick like glue There’s a needed different point of view I must attain Soldiering onward I don’t give up Never to remain within a rut By all I am made
For Return 03:21
Verse 1: Been beside myself at times Wondering what to do Certain turns have led me through Quandaries of length And the clock will move the hands As the heart is growing Utilize the moment for return Verse 2: Been confused and under stress Needing resolution There’s no speeding up the course Have to let it be And the leaves will fall again As the tree is changing Utilize the moment for return
Verse 1: No one else agrees But I know you’ll see in the end And my heart can’t lie There’s no use in tryin’ to pretend Chorus: Never wanna think I’m over you tonight Every time I think of us I know it’s right Cause I can’t look back and this love’s intact no denyin’ Never wanna think I’m over you tonight Verse 2: You’ve eluded me Temporarily I admit But my truth goes on For no other one do I pick Mid 8: Never wanna say goodbye to you Never wanna miss your way Cause you’re the one Forever long
Chorus: Dancing in the rain Bathing in the torrent Drinking every drop Healing all that warrants Verse 2: Across the highland plains Puffing out like a steam train She is getting louder Till she pours it out and rains Longing for you we’ve been Thirsting ages in the drought Dreaming of your flood To clean this land throughout Verse 3: Lightning heralds your descent Welcome clouds came upon our way Got to offer up a prayer To ensure you’re gonna stay
Verse 1: Follow your heart's desire Venture beyond the norm There's a freedom that belongs to us all Never put out the fire Fear not the looming storm Every spirit must attend to the call Bridge: Never think that you have failed if you fall There's no mountain you will find that's too tall Chorus: Sail on with certainty Take that boat across the sea Every dream must stay alive for every heart Verse 2: Courage will you require On the eventful road We can master anything we embrace Ever ascending higher Love is the true abode There is never any need to make haste Bridge 2: And though nothing will be seen as a waste It's the path that's filled with light you must trace
Verse 1: It's been a long time for the lonely It's been a long time for this Isle She's lived in splendid isolation While the world has recast it’s smiles Chorus: I'll be on the last boat to St. Helena Before the changes come I'll be on the last boat to St. Helena Before the year is done Verse 2: The planes are going to arrive here The tourists are going to surely land St. Helena's going global And nobody understands Verse 3: I want to recall all her glory Before these changes for evermore I want to tell her fine story Before it starts to fade in yore


This is Everafter's second studio album.


released November 23, 2019

Alexis Daperis - lead vocals/guitars
Stefan Daperis - bass/backing vocals & lead vocals on 'Nightmare Weaver'
Ivan Sheppard - drums (tracks 1 - 5)
Tim Wiltshire - drums (tracks 7 - 10)
Raz Olsher - recording & mixing (tracks 1 - 5)
Andrea Gottardo - recording & mixing (tracks 6 & 7)
Chris Tsangarides - recording & mixing (tracks 8 - 10)
Pete Maher via Emixpro - mastering
Sean Quinn - all artwork


all rights reserved



Everafter London, UK

Brothers Alexis & Stefan Daperis & friend Tim Wiltshire, from London, UK, formed hard rock band Everafter in 2010. They spent the next few years gigging around the capital & crafting the set that became their first album. Album 1 was recorded in 2013 with Black Sabbath/Thin Lizzy producer Chris Tsangarides & released in 2014. Now, with new drummer Ivan Sheppard, Everafter have completed album 2. ... more

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